West 8 Wins Voronezh Central Park International Invited Competition

West 8 is announced winner of an international restricted competition to redevelop the Central Park area of Voronezh – a city of one million inhabitants located 500 km south of Moscow. The park area comprises over 100 hectare of woodland north of the city centre.

The Voronezh Central Park used to be one of the local residents’ favorite recreational areas. It is the largest green zone in the city that has a park history of more than 170 years. Located in the heart of Voronezh completely surrounded by neighboring urban area, it provides tranquil woodland area for the local citizens, yet the park has been unequipped to function as a all-year-round recreational park.

The city of Voronezh launched the Reconstruction of Voronezh Central Park project in 2014. At the first stage, an approximately 10 hectare of park area was revamped with landscape elements and Green Theater in 2016 by French landscape architect Olivier Dame. In order to activate the rest of the park area, the city authorities announced in 2016 that about 150 million rubles from the regional and city budgets would be reserved for the second stage of the reconstruction of the Central Park. At the second stage, restoration of the Upper Lake, installation of pedestrian paths and bicycle routes, and most importantly, a diversity of programmatic elements of the park with intensified landscape lavishness that will serve all age groups of users in different seasons are the key tasks.

Initiated by The Department of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Voronezh Region, the city sought professional proposal. Pre-Qualification notice was issued summer 2018 to offices all around the world. Amongst 22 portfolios received, West 8, A24 (Germany) and Kinnaer Landscape Architect (UK) were selected to enter the final competition to submit design proposal.

Public outreach

Authorities of Voronezh organized in July a symposium on site ‘Urban Day Voronezh’ where architects, urbanists, activists of urban communities all came together to discuss with representatives of the Voronezh authorities and selected design teams regarding urban development, landscape architecture and urbanism issues of the future Center Park and the city of Voronezh. Representing West 8, architect and urban designer Juan Tur took part in the conference, listened to many professional comments and demands from future park users. Those ideas have subsequently enriched the design proposal.

On Friday, November 2, after the two days jurying process, Igor Titov, the founder of the “Velor Voronezh” (the city’s bicycle path) movement, represented the jury to announce West 8 as winner of the competition to redevelop the Voronezh Central Park.

West 8’s winning proposal extended beyond restoration of the historic landscape to include a reinvigoration of a second water reservoir, creating a dam and a beach, bringing active urban life to the riverfront and trails, and achieving ambitious sustainable objectives for the entire site. Jury praised the originality of the way West 8 has embedded the existing landscape in the new design.

The proposal offers a logical organization of the different zones and the new infrastructure of bicycle path and park circuit to enhance accessibility and usability of different parts of the park area. The designs focus on the programming of the area, taking into account different scenarios for different times of the year, for different types of recreation and sports. Amplifying the round the year landscape quality and infrastructure of the park, West 8's proposal for the new Voronezh Central Park is meant for all age groups of citizens to enjoy park life in all seasons.

more information: Voronezh Central Park

  • The Central Park in its heydayThe Central Park in its heyday
  • from right to left: West 8 project manager Juan Tur, project leader Inna Tsoraeva and curator of competition Bart Goldhoorn, founder of Urban Institute.from right to left: West 8 project manager Juan Tur, project leader Inna Tsoraeva and curator of competition Bart Goldhoorn, founder of Urban Institute.