Tverskaya Zastava Square, Moscow 'My Street' program completed

Since 2016 Moscow has undertaken the 'My Street' program, a series of Moscow City public realm upgrade projects led by Strelka KB in collaboration with several renowned foreign architects and planners included West 8, Snøhetta, Diller+ Scofidio, Martha Schwartz Partners, Topotek and OKRA. The program intends to revitalize more than 80 city areas inside Moscow city. There are in total 50 kilometers of renewed streets, more than 3000 city squares being repaired and 50 new parks being created. The total area of ​​improvement has sum up to 240 hectares. 

West 8's participation in collaboration with Strelka KB in Moscow ‘My Street’ 2016 project program included the following:

Led by Adriaan Geuze, West 8 team has completed the revitalisation of Tverskaya Street at the end of 2016. Thereafter West 8 continued to work with Strelka KB to revitalize also the Tverskaya Zastava Square and surrounding area.

The Tverskaya Zastava Square located at Belorusskaya station area, at the end of Tverskaya Street that, connects all the entrances of the Belorusskaya railway station. It is on one hand a place of concentration for tourists but on the other hand, an occasion of discontent for Muscovites. It was decorated with a triumphal arch designed by the architect Bove, a copy of which was built in the 1960s at Kutuzovsky Prospekt. As nowadays the Tverskaya highway ends also here, this area has become a key access point for both automobiles and public transport users. Before the recent transformation, it was a large and rather chaotic transport hub coupling with dreary unregulated parking.

The concept of the West 8, based on the transport scheme of the Moscow Transport Department, offers optimization of the use of space and gives priority to pedestrian connections. Square returns uniqueness and integrity.

As explained by Geuze: "People who came to the Belarusian station were not being welcome properly. Visitors parked their cars here, but did not get the proper first impression of Moscow city. We needed to do the square justice and bring back its key function as a welcome entrance to the city."

West 8's design vision emphasizes the visitors’ experience. The long neglected territory on the other side of Leningradsky Prospekt to White Square now reappearing in the welcome area as a new park. Rationalized vehicular traffic flow and parking area, relocated tramways, new greenery, resting area with West 8 custom designed benches, decorated paving and a completely redesigned passage under the overpass, altogether have improved the attractiveness of this main station of Moscow city again with allure. The work has been completed recently in November 2017. 

'My Street' is a huge and complex civic operation, in which many parties are involved. Design decisions are preceded in stages with researches, public outreach, historical and preservation studies and specialists consultations. Strelka KB has divided the territory into various operational scenic zones. According to the nature of each zone, star architects, landscape architects and urban designers are selected according to their coincide styles. “This is a process of dialogues. We managed the common factors of civil engineering process in Russia, and each of the designer worked out the final design.” comments of Alexandra Sytnikova, Director of ‘My Street’ project at Strelka KB.

Apart from the civic works involved, soft landscaping details is one of the priorities of the ‘My Street’ program: all together 4,500 large trees and nearly 100,000 shrubs were planted. Amongst them 12 embankments were rejuvenated, pedestrian zones were expanded and planted with new trees, aiming to transform Moscow city into a more human-scale and pleasant place for both Muscovites and visitors.

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