West 8 presents in The Week of Strelka KB at Saratov

West 8 has built up a body of work in Russian cities in the last couple of years. Amongst them are the revitalisation of Tverskaya Street in Moscow, the New Holland Park in St. Petersburg and starting this year, the embankment of Saratov in Saratov City, one of the major cities on the Volga River located upstream of Volgograd, Russia, started another page in West 8 portfolio of Russian projects.

West 8 together with Strelka KB develop the concept plan for the urban upgrade of the embankments of Saratov, as well the Saratov Railway Station. Adriaan Geuze acts also as an design adviser on landscaping for local architectural bureaus starting from spring 2017 ofr main city boulevards. The central streets and embankments of the city of Saratov will be renovated with improved pedestrian network reconnecting the urban tissues, creating an enhanced and sustainable infrastructure (slow lane) system.

In this conjunction, Adriaan Geuze gave on the 17th of April a lecture during ‘The Week of Strelke KB’ in Saratov demonstrating his experience in the reconstruction of embankments and explained what it takes to create a successful public space. To date, cities' embankments are considered as symbols of many modern or historical cities in Russia, where the waterfront and its surrounding area play a key role in nowadays landscape design. He showcased how West 8’s projects have harmoniously incorporated natural elements into the urban environment during the lecture and discussed many challenges the city of Saratov faces with its upcoming major tranformation.