West 8's design for Tverskaya Zastava Square in Moscow revealed

The design for Tverskaya Zastava Square has been revealed. Led by Adriaan Geuze, West 8's team has been working with Strelka KB to revitalize the square by optimizing the use of space and prioritizing pedestrian connections. 

Based on the recently updated transport scheme of the City of Moscow, West 8's design has rationalized this welcoming zone without sacrificing the number of traffic flows or directions. The pedestrian will be offered a maximum of comfort by widening the pedestrian area near the station entrance, allowing it to accommodate more people. At the station's exit, taxis can be reached safely. The monument of the famous Russian writer Maxim Gorky will return to the square, and more trees will be planted to create a light shading area where travellers can take a break amidst the intensive traffic. The parking zone will be improved to solve the current disarray of cars. The entire design reinforces the uniqueness and integrity of the square. 

The My Streets program, of which the revitilization of Tverskaya Zastava is part, is a huge and complex project with many parties involved. It aims to transform Moscow into a more human-scaled and pleasant place for both citizens and visitors. Apart from a great deal of civic works, soft landscaping is one of the priorities of the program: all together 4500 large trees and nearly 100 000 shrubs are being planted. 12 embankments and 3 000 courtyards in 80 city locations are being rejuvenated. Under the same program West 8 also delivered the Tverskaya Street Revitalization in the winter of 2016.

more information: Tverskaya Zastava Square

  • courtesy Strelka KBcourtesy Strelka KB
  • courtesy Strelka KBcourtesy Strelka KB