Ontario Place Urban Park and Waterfront Trail
2013-2015, Ontario, Canada

The Ontario Place Urban Park and Waterfront Trail concept plan will reinvigorate an underused waterfront into a public focal point that consolidates the city’s sense of identity and outdoor life. The project will transform a portion of the Ontario Place site most recently used for parking into an urban park and waterfront trail. Providing access to part of Toronto’s waterfront that has been closed to the public for more than 40 years and creating new linkages to an expansive, 780-kilometre waterfront trail system.

Informed by extensive public feedback, the new park and trail will be landscaped to enhance the natural beauty of Toronto’s waterfront. Complete with wooded areas, planted slopes, rolling lawns and an extensive pathway system, Ontario Place will add a green footprint to Toronto’s waterfront. 

The design increases planted areas from 8% to 60%. New plants / trees create an urban forest and improve the ecology of the park, creating new wildlife corridors between the natural areas on the site and those on adjacent properties. Designed with social, ecological and environmental sustainability principles in mind, Ontario Place will again become a destination and a landmark for Toronto. A place people come back to again and again, in all seasons, day and night for a multitude of activities and programs. 

More information please also see Waterfront Toronto's announcement here.

Government of Ontario
LAND inc
Adriaan Geuze, Jamie Maslyn Larson, Rachel Laszlo Tait, Blair Guppy, Jelle Therry, Joost Koningen, Joris Weijts, Kurt Marsh, Ronald van Nugteren, Steven Lee