Santa Giulia
2005-2012, Milan, Italy

A private developer has planned the development of a new town on the heavily polluted former industrial estate of Santa Giulia. Sir Norman Foster designed the master plan for this Montecity project, which is situated adjacent to Linate Airport. West 8 was asked to create a master plan of the landscape areas and public spaces. The work is focused on establishing a large public park covering polluted landfill areas and on creating of communal gardens within the oval shaped built areas. The park provides links between several urban areas and, with its gently undulating and decorative surface, offers a green oasis within the overall development.

Milano Santa Giulia SpA
Sir Norman Foster
Adriaan Geuze, Christian Dobrick, Adriana Mueller, Alexander Sverdlov, Berthine Knaut, Carlo Missio, Enrique Ibáñez González, Eva Recio, Jacco Stuy, Juan Figueroa Calero, Matthew Skjonsberg, Perry Maas, Robert Schütte, Shachar Zur, Silvia Lupini