Pedestrian Bridge Wenduine
2006-2014, Wenduine, Belgium

The Pedestrian Bridge at Wenduine provides a safe traverse over a busy provincial motorway and double tramlines. Literally forming a bridge between the polder and the dunes "Het Wrakhout" (The Wreckage) bridge and connects the local campsite to the beach.

The site is characterized by a cultural costal landscape of polders, dunescapes, and the ocean. The volume created by the wooden trusses generates a sense of security to the user in an area known for its salty atmosphere, strong winds and swirling sand. The striking structure also features lookout points for cyclists at the foot of the bridge and on top of the dunes, complete with information boards and provide a unique opportunity for people to experience the coastal landscape.

A newly created dune volume provides a natural way to access the bridge. Conceptually the arrangement of wooden beams and interspersed steel supports are likened to pieces of driftwood that have washed ashore, in this way the bridge anchors itself to the dune landscape. 

Several years ago, the whole dune area was re-strengthened. Additional planting and a series of new pathways were introduced. To prevent excessive entry and damage to the dunes a wooden staircase was also incorporated into the dune crossing to guide the crowds of holidaymakers heading to the beach and sea.The ramparts of the existing dune crossing have also been taken into consideration in the new spatial layout.

The new bridge, a true "landmark" leads holiday makers to a panoramic lookout over the dune, sea and the polders of Uitkerkse.


Maritieme Dienstverlening en Kust (MDK)
Ingenieur: Snoeck en Partners, architectuur & engineering; Constructeur: BAS, bureau voor architectuur en stabiliteit; Aannemer: WestConstruct Oostkamp; Leverancier en montage azobé: Koninklijke Houthandel G. Wijma & zonen
Adriaan Geuze, Maarten van de Voorde, Andrew Tang, Joost Koningen, Karsten Buchholz, Rob Koningen, Ronald van Nugteren