Adriaan Geuze as keynote speaker at Architectuurweek Leiden

Organized by RAP Leiden together with a number of program partners, Architecture Week Leiden is set to place during the week of 18th – 24th of April 2016. 

The week will be full of ideas and research-based programmes presented by a group of advanced thinkers from the Leiden region. These individuals will present the knowledge, inspiration, and experience that they have gained from working in the ever changing environtment that we live in.

The week is organised around the four themes of TRANSPORT, ENERGY, FOOD and HABITAT, and will include a series of lectures, films, discussions, exhibitions and workshops that will explore how and what we need to change to ensure a better future.

Adriaan Geuze, co-founder of West 8 is invited to be keynote speaker at the premier of this new event in the city of Leiden.

Date: April 18
Time: 20:30
Location: Trianon Cinema, Breestraat 31 Leiden
Moderator: Bart Cosijn
Entree: free
Registration: via this link