Adriaan Geuze Invited to join The Cultural Landscape Foundation Stewardship Council

Established in 1998 by Charles Birnbaum, The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) is a non-profit organization that provides people with the ability to see, understand and value landscape architecture and its practitioners. 

The Stewardship Council is comprised of landscape architects, allied professionals, former TCLF Board Members, community leaders and other supporters who marshal their collective experience and knowledge to help promote the TCLF’s mission of “stewardship through education.”

Council members are carefully selected by the TCLF to provide a broader, richer and more nuanced understanding of the profession and its practitioners. They are instrumental in increasing the impact, effectiveness and reach of the TCLF. Helping to support the understanding of cultural landscapes and safeguard landscape heritage for future generations.

It is an honor to have Adriaan Geuze represent West 8 on The Cultural Landscape Foundation’s Stewardship Council. 

To find out more visit: The Cultural Landscape Foundation or visit the facebook page.