Adriaan Geuze presents lecture at Samsung Campus, Seoul

The lecture was extremely well received by all that attended and was the perfect opportunity for Adriaan to introduce West 8’s Yongsan Park and other related projects to an academic, government and architecturally minded audience.

Adriaan discussed the importance of creating space for reconciliation and recovery within Yongsan park, which is designed around the idea of healing. In addition to tying the park into Seoul’s urban context, he emphasized the need to connect to the river and the site’s history in order for the park to become a cherished place for future generations. “To be a truly great park it needs to be a cultural space for citizens”, he said. Adriaan went on to discuss Mexico Puerto Vallarta and several other West 8 projects which also address the local context and conditions, incorporating an element of illusion into their design.

The Samsung Everland Design lecture series introduces the latest landscaping trends, advanced techniques and leading companies as a way of establishing a dialogue on landscape development projects in South Korea. Adriaan’s lecture contributed to this theme by examining the future of urban landscapes and exploration of new horizons in progress.

For more information:Samsung Everland Design Lecture Series