Adriaan Geuze to Speak at the Oskar von Miller Forum

On the 14th of January at 18.30, West 8 Director Adriaan Geuze will give a lecture at the Oskar von Miller Forum in Munich, Germany. 

As an international centre where people from diverse construction-related disciplines can meet and exchange ideas, the Oskar von Miller Forum contributes exciting ideas and inspiration to the education of a new generation of civil engineers, environmental engineers and architects at the Technische Universität München through its programme.

Scientists and academics from all over the world are invited to the Forum to enrich and realise the programme and life at the Oskar von Miller Forum in direct dialogue with the students.

The Oskar von Miller Forum is renowned for its challenging keynote and evening lectures by high-ranking architects and engineers on current and interdisciplinary topics from construction-related fields.  

For more information on the lecture visit the website.