Adriaan Geuze Wins ARC18 Oeuvre Award

On 22 November 2018 Adriaan Geuze received the ARC18 Oeuvre Award from De Architect at the annual ARC Award Show in the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam. The prize was awarded to Geuze for his large oeuvre in the field of landscape architecture, urban design and architecture.

The jury, led by Robert Winkel (Mei architects and planners) acclaimed Geuze’s approach to urban inclusivity, his design craftmanship and his analytical observations. “He combines the artist’s gaze with the engineer’s vigor. Geuze has taught the Netherlands to look at its landscapes and to understand their importance for the quality of the urban and rural living environment.”

The jury also expressed their appreciation for Geuze’s educational activities. Geuze has been a Special Professor of Landscape Architecture at Wageningen University & Research since 2012.

Apart from Winkel the jury consisted of Bianca Seekles, Jarrik Ouburg and Harm Tilman. In his acceptance speech Geuze dedicated the prize to his office West 8.

ARC Awards
The ARC Awards’ purpose is to celebrate the meaning and power of design and to promote it to a wide audience. Previous winners of the Oeuvre Award include Kees Christiaanse, Office Winhov, Riek Bakker and Thomas Rau. 

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(header image by KSK Photography, courtesy De Architect)