Architectural Digest listed West 8 as one of the main innovators in 2012!

We are proud to announce our inclusion in the Architectural Digest’s list of Innovators for 2012 as West 8 “conceives settings both startling and sublime” under guidance of Adriaan Geuze. The September issue features 8 innovators which Architectural Digest believes transformed the world of design.

West 8 is credited for its accomplishments in “molding terrain around the world in imaginative, unexpected, and at times even disorienting ways.” “With the wave decks at the Toronto Waterfront, the meandering pathways in Miami Beach and the Masterplan for Governors Island, West 8 has managed to create a surprising and delightful experience in their design.”

To read the full article by Architectural Digest, please see For an interesting and critical article on the start of phase I of Governors Island, please see the article by Justin Davidson in New York Magazine.