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Award ceremony for the 12th Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design for Madrid RIO at Harvard GSD

The 12th Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design has been awarded to Madrid RÍO, a new linear park in Madrid designed by Burgos & Garrido, Porras & La Casta, Rubio & Álvarez-Sala and West 8.

The park entailed the creation of 120 hectares of new public space, which encompasses dozens of sports areas (tennis and basketball courts, soccer fields, fitness areas, rock climbing center, skate park), greenswards, plazas, cafés and restaurants, an orchard, an urban beach, children’s play areas, plus 30 kilometers of cycling paths and 11 new footbridges. The project also prompted the restoration of five historic dams and two historic bridges (the Puente de Segovia and Puente de Toledo), as well as the refurbishment of highway bridges and the recuperation of areas surrounding these infrastructural works. With these new river crossings and the incorporation of existing historic features into the new park plan, Madrid RÍO has strengthened the surrounding neighborhoods’ connection to the new amenities and to each other.

The award ceremony, which took place on 2nd of Feburary 2016, featured a brief presentation on the project by Ginés Garrido of Burgos & Garrido, with other team members, including Adriaan Geuze in attendance. A round table discussion commenced after the presentation. A video recording of the complete award ceremony can be found here.

According to Professor Rahul Mehrotra, chair of the jury, the decision to award Madrid RíO the Green Prize was motivated by the jury’s desire to highlight the potential for thoughtfully planned and carefully executed mobility infrastructures to transform a city and its region. The extent to which the project harnesses the deployment of new infrastructures provides an opportunity to repair and regenerate the city through carefully articulated design interventions, and is particularly valuable within the context of contemporary urbanization globally.

An exhibition of the project is on view in the Gund Hall lobby of Harvard University from January 19 to March 6, 2016.

第12 屆哈佛大學维罗妮卡·鲁吉绿色城市设计奖頒獎典禮 — 馬德里曼薩納雷斯河岸更新景觀工程(Madrid Rio)

第12 屆哈佛大學维罗妮卡·鲁吉绿色城市设计奖頒給了由WEST8,Burgos & Garrido, Porras & La Casta 以及Rubio & Álvarez-Sala 聯合設計的一個位於馬德里的帶狀公園 — 馬德里曼薩納雷斯河岸更新景觀工程(Madrid Rio)。頒獎典禮于2016年2月2號在美國劍橋城哈佛大學設計學院舉辦。 

這個公园项目意味要建造120公頃的全新公共空間,其中包括幾十個運動區(網球場、籃球場、足球場、健身場所、攀岩中心、溜冰公園)、草坪、廣場、咖啡館和餐館、果園、城市水灘、兒童遊樂區、加上30公里長的行車隧道,以及11個新的行人橋。該項目促使恢復了五個歷史悠久的水壩和兩座歷史悠久的橋(Puente de Segovia 和 Puente de Toledo),整修了高架橋,以及復兴了工程附近的地區。由於這些新渡口以及現存歷史風貌特征與新公園規劃的結合,馬德里里奧項目-曼薩納雷斯河岸更新景觀工程-加強了周圍社區與新設施之間的相互聯繫。

這次的頒獎典禮于2016年2月2號舉行,來自Burgos & Garrido事務所的Ginés Garrido、以及包括Adriaan Geuze在內的其他的組成員出席并做了項目的簡介,並在匯報后與大家展開了圓桌討論。 關於整個頒獎典禮的視屏可以在此here 觀看。

評審團主席 Rahul Mehrotra 教授指出,馬德里里奧項目能獲獎是因為評審團希望那些經過認真考量規劃和謹慎實施的,從而改變其城市及周圍區域的交通基礎設施項目潛力能得以被重視。通過仔細清晰的設計干預重新部署基礎設施來作為修復和復興城市的契機,一定程度上在當代全球城市化中是非常有價值的。

此項目與2016年1月19號到3月6號在哈佛大學設計學院主樓(Gund Hall)一樓大堂展出。