Berlin’s revitalized Harbor Tempelhof officially opened

On the 29th of April Berlin’s revitalized Harbor Tempelhof-designed by West 8 for Grundstücksgesellschaft, Objekt Tempelhofer Hafen MBH & CO. KG- was officially opened by Mayor Wowereit of Berlin.

The new Hafen Tempelhof offers visitors of the adjacent shopping mall a place to relax and enjoy beautiful views over the maritme harbor site. Different restaurants and a children’s daycare center are embedded in a world of cranes, rails, boats, steel fences, wooden boardwalks and natural stone quays. The aim of the design is to preserve the harbor’s historical heritage and at the same time to translate the change of usage into the logistics and needs of a contemporary shopping mall.

The final parts of the public space will be finished this year, following the delivery of the last building.