Brick masterclass by Edzo Bindels and Jeroen Geurst

West 8 director Edzo Bindels together with Jeroen Geurst of Geurst & Schulze Architects will present a Brick Masterclass on the 25th of September in Rotterdam. Brick has a long tradition in Dutch architecture and is an abundant building material in the Netherlands.  

During the daylong seminar the ‘masters’ will offer insight into the ways in which they use and apply brick in their designs projects. Special attention will be devoted to the themes of texture and colour in the public space. 

Organised by the BNA Academy, the masterclass will include a tour of the Rotterdam district Nieuw-Crooswijk. As West 8 has been involved in the creation of a new urban masterplan for this neighbourhood.  A celebration of brick architecture, Nieuw-Crosswijk was recently nominated for the 2014 Kleur Buiten Prijs. An annual award that promotes the awareness and vital use of colour in architecture and urbanism. 

In the afternoon, participants will get the opportunity to work on a design brief prepared by Mr. Bindels and Mr. Geurst. They will explore the formal language of brick, the many available variations in structure, color, size and texture and be given invaluable insight into a variety of design aspects and how they apply in the brick architecture. Technical advisors of the Royal Association of Dutch Brick Manufacturers (KNB) will also be providing answers to technical questions throughout the day. 

For more information on the Masterclass or to register click here