Construction of Bridge Vlaardingse Vaart has begun

The construction company Hillebrand Konstruktiebedrijf BV, have this week started building the new pedestrian bridge which will eventually span the river Vlaardingse Vaart. The bridge known as ‘The Twist’ is to be prefabricated on site in a specially erected temporary shed. The shed has been constructed out of 48 shipping containers and will be removed once the bridge has been installed.

The bridge construction comprises 400 steel tubes that will be welded together to create a unique and dynamic structure. The welding together of all the tubes will take place within the temporary shed, where they will then be galvanized and painted red.  
In February 2009 the 100 ton bridge will be transported as a whole with the help of heavy load transportation wagons to the Vlaardingse Vaart, a few hundred meters away, where it will be lowered onto pilings and notch piers which have already been installed.
The bridge will officially open to allow pedestrians to cross the Vlaardingse Vaart in March 2009.