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Coolsingel, A Boulevard for all Rotterdammers

On the 15th of December, the Rotterdam City Council has approved West 8’s design for a revitalization of Coolsingel and established the budget of € 58.1 million for the execution. Building is planned to start in April 2017.

Adriaan Geuze: ‘Coolsingel reflects the essence of Rotterdam. It is THE promenade of the city. A place for shoppers, cyclists, car drivers, partygoers, tourists and entrepreneurs.  Coolsingel will become once again the pride of all Rotterdammers. A wide, green and beautifully designed city boulevard where stunning buildings, street paving and new ornaments create a monumental allure. The new Coolsingel connects the Hofplein with the Leuvehaven and links the Meent with the Witte de Withstraat. It will become a lively street where you can stroll, shop, commemorate, and visit events, indulging yourself in atmosphere and beauty. As the vibrant core of the city, Coolsingel will evolve into an attractive and busy lifeline of Rotterdam.’

A Welcoming Coolsingel

The spacious new green boulevard and its refined design invites people to relax, to interact and to enjoy their surroundings. It covers the area between the Hofplein and Witte de With Street. The plan reduces traffic along the upgraded urban boulevard and gives more space to pedestrians and cyclists. The west side of the street (next to Lijnbaan) is envisaged as a generous pedestrian and cycling promenade, creating more space for slow traffic. Vehicular traffic will be rerouted along on the east side of the street, adjacent to the City Hall, while the tram will remain in its current location.

The new Coolsingel will be adorned with high-quality natural stone paving, ornamental outdoor furnishings, large trees and custom designed street lighting. Ten improved crossing intersections will ensure Rotterdam’s major streets are well integrated within Coolsingel, solidifying its role as a vital link between the Laurenskwartier and Lijnbaan.

Outreach and cooperation

To make sure the design meets the needs of users, the Municipality has undertaken an extensive outreach with Rotterdam’s citizens, business owners, residents, property managers and stakeholders. Using mediums like public meetings, the press, and social media, the plans for Coolsingel have been openly explained and discussed. The feedback gathered has been integral to the ongoing assessment and development of the plan.

Considering the overall improvements and refurbishments of downtown Rotterdam in the past years, Coolsingel has been called “the missing link”. Alderman Adriaan Visser (Downtown and Finance): ‘In close cooperation with all stakeholders, we have spent the past half year to achive this final design. After this major refurbishment, the renewed Coolsingel will make our Rotterdam more attractive and inviting that visitors will stay longer, which in turn will create all kinds of economic spin-off.’

West 8 has been working on the revitalization of Coolsingel ever since winning the competition in 2014. Construction work is astimated to begin in April 2017.

More news and information can be found on the official website of ‘De Coolsingel‘. 

Coolsingel Definitief Ontwerp nov 2016 from West 8 on Vimeo.



12 15 號,鹿特丹市政廳通過了 WEST8 Coolsingel 大街改造方案並將投入 5810 萬歐元用於建設。 工程將于2017四月開始實施。 主創設計師阿德裡安高伊策表示:“Coolsingel濃縮了鹿特丹的精華,是這座城市最重要的漫步道,也是為購物者,騎行者,司機,派對狂歡者,遊客和企業家而造的場所。 Coolsingel將再一次成為鹿特丹人民心中的引以為豪的標誌地。 寬敞,綠色,精心設計的城市林蔭大道,加上令人讚歎的沿街建築、街道鋪裝以及新的裝飾擺設,將重新營造出巨大魅力。 新的Coolsingel大街經由Hofplein連接至Leuvehaven港口,並由Meent連接白街( Witte de Withstraat 酒吧街)。 它將是一條熱鬧的大街,你可以在此閒逛,購物,慶祝,參加各式各樣的活動,沉浸于這美麗氣氛中。 Coolsingel大街作為城市的活力核心,也將是鹿特丹最具魅力與繁忙的城市命脈。

Coolsingel 大道歡迎你

寬敞的新綠色林蔭大道,精美的設計邀請人們來此放鬆,交流與享受生活。 它包括HofpleinWitte de With 酒吧街之間的區域。 設計中減少了沿新城市林蔭大道的車行交通,為行人和騎行者提供了更多的空間。 街道西邊(靠Lijnbaan一側)將成為是一條寬闊的行人和騎行長廊,為慢行交通提供更多的空間。 機動車輛交通將重新規劃于沿街道的東側(靠市政廳一側),電車線路仍舊保持于當前位置。

高品質的天然石材鋪裝、裝飾性的室外傢俱、大樹以及特別定制的街燈重新將 Coolsingel 大街裝點起來。 十個改進的路口將確保鹿特丹的主要街道能很好地與Coolsingel大道整合在一起,鞏固其作為Laurenskwartier區域和Lijnbaan區域之間至關重要的連接角色。


為確保設計能滿足消費者的需求,鹿特丹市政廳廣泛開展了與市民,業主,附近居民,物業經理以及相關利益者的交流。 通過媒體,如公眾會議,新聞及社交媒體,來介紹與公開討論Coolsingel大街的設計規劃。 所收集到的回饋已成為當前評估和未來設計發展不可或缺的一部分。

從鹿特丹市中心在過去幾年的整體改善和翻新來看, Coolsingel 大街可被稱為 缺失的環節 Alderman Adriaan Visser副市長(主管城市和金融)表示:“通過與所有利益相關者的密切合作,我們花了半年的時間終於完成了這一最終設計定稿。 經過這次大規模翻新後,更新後的Coolsingel大街將使我們的鹿特丹更具吸引力,吸引遊客停留更長時間,這反過來將會創造各種經濟效益。”

West 8 2014 年贏得競賽以來,一直在進行 Coolsingel 的更新改造設計。 工程預計將于20174月開始實施。