Daniel Vasini
Creative Director / Liaison West 8 New York

Daniel Vasini is the Creative Director of West 8 New York and the Liaison between West 8 New York and West 8 Rotterdam. Daniel wins and leads transformative projects that advance the rigorous aesthetic, philosophical, and operational standards of West 8 process and design the world over.
Daniel manages and collaborates with top-tier multi-disciplinary teams to tackle complex design problems and planning challenges, and envision solutions that address the major urban design issues of our time. He is deeply committed to a project-tailored, wide-reaching, iterative process of design, and adept at its implementation. His conceptual work builds upon an interrogation of contemporary culture and urban identity, and incorporates architecture, public space, ecology, and engineering ‘best practices’ to produce forward-thinking, sustainable, noteworthy design solutions. Daniel’s specialty is in transformative urban waterfront projects, creating designs that address infrastructure needs, urbanization challenges, sustainability goals, natural conditions, and historic identity for master plans, urban design, and large-scale landscape architecture interventions.
Daniel also lectures and serves as visiting critic, panelist, and juror at universities and professional programs, conferences, and competitions around the world. Educated in the US as a Fulbright fellow, Daniel graduated cum laude from the SCI-Arc Metropolitan Research and Design program. He worked in Chicago and London before joining West 8 in 2008.