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Reimagining an Industrial Heritage

Strijp S, Eindhoven, NL


We see not only the official monuments but also all industrial buildings and objects as valuable to preserve and incorporate into the design.

Designing an inviting
Building Interface


Through this intervention, the unique cultural heritage of the Philips factories is preserved and strengthened with the reopening of iconic buildings, transforming Strijp S into an area where the city and society find each other in a new, inventive way. 


Space to Celebrate


The location of Strijp S, just outside the city center of Eindhoven, along with its placement between the High Tech Campus of Eindhoven and the Technical University of Eindhoven, makes it an ideal location for festivals, pop-ups, makerspaces, and events.

Park Strijp Beheer

© West 8, © Jeroen Musch, ©Max Kneefel, © Bart van Overbeeke/ GLOW Eindhoven, © Max Kneefel

Video © Gewest13 via Strijp-S

The Modern Orchard in a High-Tech Campus

Novartis Shanghai Campus, Shanghai, CN

Fostering creativity, reflection, communication and interchange: a procession of choreographed spaces that weave together Chinese landscape traditions, undulating topography, and seasonality.

The poetic inspiration for this campus lies in the beauty of the rural orchard, which holds a diverse array of colours, varied emotions, seasonality, textures, tastes, and smells.

Timeless and

The landscape nurtures notions of community, warmth and creativity.

The garden’s design provided a unique solution to the challenge of its position on an underground structure by creating massive raised garden beds that seamlessly integrate into the garden’s topography.


China Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research Co., Ltd. (CNIBR)

Architectural Design & Research Institute of Tongji University (Group) Co. Ltd., Ager Group

© West 8, © Jeroen Musch, © ZiL ArchVisual

Connecting the University Campus through the Landscape

Duke University Sculpture Park at the Nasher Museum, Durham, NC, USA


Working with the natural topography, buildings, and heritage of the prestigious university, a series of key moments transform the Nasher Art Gallery into a centrepiece for the Campus Arts District.


The design includes two core values – inviting the campus into the space and extending the museum out into the landscape.

Creating a canvas for a variety of both formal and informal events and performances.

Duke University

McAdams Company, LHC Structural Engineers PC, Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company LLC (Soils and Irrigation), Newcomb & Boyd, LLP (MEP engineering & lighting)

©West 8, © Copyright Sterling E. Stevens

Adapting, Restoring and Renovating

Universiteitskwartier, University of Amsterdam, NL

Bringing both an anthropological and architectural sensitivity to the project, West 8 undertook a unique, detailed analysis of the cultural, historic and architectural layers of the district to create a supplementary research document to inform the district’s future development.

In collaboration with University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Municipality of Amsterdam, West 8 have created a spatial vision to preserve, restore and renew the Universiteitskwartier in the historic heart of the city centre. A new ceremonial heart for the UvA, the plan creates a new Humanities district for the University, by opening up various hidden courtyards as well as marking the historic boundaries more clearly.

Marking and outlining where historic buildings can be adapted, restored and renovated to become suitable for modern use.

With the key message of POORTEN – HOVEN – STEGEN (Gates – Courtyards – Alleys), the strategic creation of entry points and greenery within the urban fabric enables the streetscape and inner courtyards to be opened up and activated for the local community, the university community and the public to enjoy. To highlight the potential of the larger plan’s message, West 8 also created and tested a series of ‘Kavel Paspoorten’ to act as case studies for the successful implementation of the vision document on specific key sites within the district.
West 8 urban designers Adriaan Geuze en Penne Hangelbroek worked in close collaboration with Municipality city planners Ton Schaap and Meijer-Skouratovskaja and the UvA to incorporate the feedback from an extended series of public consultation events led by Guido Wallagh and integrate the larger goals of the City of Amsterdam’s ‘Aanpak Binnenstad’ programme which focuses on the restoration of national monuments and sustainability upgrades for the urban realm.
West 8 was appointed as the strategic masterplanner for the city campus in 2018, and the plans were approved by the City of Amsterdam on the 9th of July, 2021.

University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Municipality of Amsterdam

© West 8

Inner Garden and Outer Landscape

Chiswick Business Park, London, UK

A public garden within a major office development near central London, a central gathering space for some of the world’s leading companies.

Chiswick Park takes the form of a necklace of 12 office buildings within 33 acres of landscaped gardens. Each building faces the Park’s ‘inner garden’ with a featured two-tier lake, waterfall, decked boardwalk, pathways, events space and lush landscaping.  The ‘inner garden’ was designed as an elevated space at the centre of the site onto which the buildings face – with the ‘outer landscape’ as a pragmatic design that includes site boundaries, peripheral car parking and arterial corridors between the buildings.

Created with well-being in mind: If you enjoy work, you do better work. If you do better work, you have a better business.

79% of guests felt the physical environment at Chiswick Park benefits their work life

Stanhope Place

Richard Rogers Partnership

© West 8 and © Yuriy Akopo, © Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work

A Coherent Mélange of Environments

Parc du Moulon and Carré des Sciences, Saclay, Paris, FR

An integral part of the urban grid, the park and square connect adjacent programs, bring together families, students and workers and provide a wide variety of activities and gathering places.

Rooted in the arboreal heritage and the natural topography of the site

Etablissement Public Paris Saclay

© West 8 and © Karolina Samborska

The Grand Egyptian Museum

Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo, EG

Seamlessly woven together, the museum and landscape emerge from a strict design grid that references both the lushness of the Nile River and clear sightlines of the distant, iconic pyramids.

The Grand Egyptian Museum is a world-class complex of buildings and landscape with one identity, demonstrating the progress, evolution and development of the Egyptian Civilization. Located two kilometers from the Pyramids of Giza, the total area of the development covers 50 hectares of land. Seamlessly woven together, the museum and landscape emerge from a strict design grid, established by heneghan peng architects. Stretching outwards like a fan, the five walls of the museum are positioned to visually align the entrance of the site with the three points of the distant, iconic pyramids of Giza. Running through the complex is a second, meandering path that represents the Nile’s journey through the Egyptian desert. This concept influences the design at all scales – from site plan to exhibition show-cases. Following the competition for the new Grand Egyptian Museum, West 8 joined the winning architectural team to refine the concept of the museum, prepare a design for the garden spaces and to develop a master plan for the museum environment in relation to the pyramids of Giza.

The landscape design draws inspiration from the River Nile, the wealth derived from its flood plains, and how nature was integral to ancient Egyptian agriculture and civilisation. The three main spaces include the Nile Park, Entrance Plaza and Palm Grove. These lush spaces will enable visitors to learn about the diverse ecology of the river. West 8 provided a catalogue of landscape references, plant libraries, and research into ancient Egyptian culture to inform the design of the open space.

Design and construction team:

Lead architects: heneghan peng architects
General contractor: BESIX
Architects (Cairo): RMC
Structural | Civil | Traffic: Arup | ACE (Cairo)
Building Services: Buro Happold | Shaker Engineering (Cairo)
Design Team Management: Davis Langdon
QS: Davis Langdon
Facade Engineering: Arup
IT | Security | Fire | Acoustics: Buro Happold
Landscape: West 8 | Sites (Cairo)
Specialist Lighting: Bartenbach LichtLabor
Signage: Bruce Mau Design
Exhibition Masterplanning: Metaphor
Museology: Cultural Innovations

© Grand Egyptian Museum and © West 8

Page in development

San Pellegrino Flagship Factory, Bergamo, IT

Sanpellegrino S.p.a.

BIG, Atelier Verticale, Schlaich Bergermann Partner, Front Arup, Squint/opera, Mic, Big Ideas, Studio Piero Castiglioni

© West 8

Storytelling through restoration

Fort bij Vechten, National Waterline Museum, Bunnik, NL

West 8 helped to guide the process of rehabilitation and construction of the site. Besides the restoration of buildings and museum construction works, part of the 17ha earthen bastion has also been brought back into its original state.

After years of neglect, the grassy structure of the fort was completely overgrown. West 8 transformed the site with an 80-meter wide band, in which the fort was returned to its original state. Several existing underground structures have been consolidated, restored and transformed and elements such as bridges and earthworks have been reconstructed. Because the site is surrounded by a wide moat, it is home to numerous rare and endangered plant and animal species. The original vegetation has been made visible again or replanted, creating a rich contrast between nature and culture.

Preserving new ecologies
& restoring old ones

Province of Utrecht

Rapp+Rapp (Christian Rapp) in collaboration with Jonathan Penne Architecten (Penne Hangelbroek), bunker q, k2, parklaan and anne holtrop

© Jeroen Musch, Ossip van Duivenbode, West 8

Atrium and Gathering Garden in the City

Urban Rooftop Garden Concept, New York City, New York, USA

Introducing seasonality, play, and atmosphere to a premiere institution’s rooftop.

West 8 prioritized comfort, intimacy, flexibility, and cultural identity while developing this flexible and adaptive Rooftop Garden. The design study envisions a rooftop where children experience nature and softness contrasts the typical urban roofscape, and existing programming is enhanced and nurtured.

While delivering comfort, the cork wainscoting integrates seating, storage, play, and planting to maximize the space’s program capacity. The structure integrates a garden portal that arranges the garden into two distinct and complimenting outdoor rooms, the Atrium and the Gathering Garden. The Atrium’s Cherry Tree exhibits the changing seasons with its spring bloom and fall colors while a wandering meander of green turf grass creates a surface for both active and passive use. The Gathering Garden accommodates playful activities, dinner parties, educational lectures, and a summertime pool to alleviate the historic facility’s programmatic demands. The hierarchy of spaces balances contemplation and active play, rest and flexibility, passive programming and events planning.

© West 8

A Green Campus

Zernike Campus, Groningen, NL

Building upon West 8’s masterplan from 1999; transforming the Zernike Campus from a rigid urban grid with anonymous buildings into a park-like setting with continuous lawns and large trees.

The fundamental concept for the Campus is the introduction of ‘human scale.’ In contrast with the large-scale university complexes from the sixties and seventies, the new buildings on the campus are of a reduced scale and are in an equal position in the green setting. Placing the previously existing science buildings onto green lawn-like pieces on a chessboard, today, each building has an individual character inside of a larger park. The campus is primarily designed for pedestrians and cyclists, and a six-meter wide track for slow traffic now meanders through the various buildings.

An integral part of the campus masterplan is the Hanze Forum, enfolded by the individual buildings of the Hanze Hogeschool. A large fountain with a circular bench creates a meeting point, where a nude from the Dutch ‘De Ploeg’ painter Johannes Dijkstra is reflected in the water.

The Zernike Campus, on the northern ring road of Groningen, accommodates the expansion of the University of Groningen and the Hanze Hogeschool. Initially created in 1999, West 8 has been working since 2015 to review and update the original master plan and ensure the concept’s continuity for the next decade.

University of Groningen

© West 8

Contrast between fossilized and living nature

VSB Headquarters, Utrecht, NL

Linking and mediating the monumental building with the surrounding ecological park.

The garden of the Provincial House in Utrecht Rijnsweerd, formerly the VSB headquarters, borders the Bloeiendael ecological park.

The basis for the garden design was to raise the plot so that the parking garage beneath the building presents a 1.4 metre high plinth in a green space.  Above a flowering layer of herbaceous plants is a forest of birches, their grid serving to counter the large building. The building’s plinth, clad as it is in tiles, the colour of anthracite with imprints of birch twigs. One of the paths through the ecological park has been extended into the birch forest. From here it crosses a 200 metre long buxus garden using a poetic steel garden bridge with an incorporated bench. The reptilian bridge and a variety of unsubtle red sandstone blocks put the sleek, discreet bank building into perspective.

Verenigde Spaar Bank (VSB)

Waardenburg and Aronsohn raadgevende ingenieurs b.v.

© Jannes Linders