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Healing a Metropolis

Yongsan Park, Seoul, KR

Returning the Land to the People, Healing the Land & Creating the 1st National Urban Park of Korea

The transition from an army base into a park – not only healing the landscape, but healing a forgotten part of the city.

The forbidden land of Yongsan exists as a product of the painful history of Korea. There is a strong contrast between the long-lost original terrain and features of Yongsan and the deformed traces left behind by the foreign military for countless years.

Healing Topography

Inviting people back into the site, recharging the park with traditional and contemporary uses.

Healing Connection



Healing the painful history and moving toward the future through the theme of unification and harmony.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Korea

© West 8

Masterplan (2012-2018)

Design Team
Project/Design Lead | West 8
Architect | IROJE Architects and Planners
General Engineering | DONG IL Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd.

Tree and Soil Survey | Urban Ecosystem Research Foundation (Chief Researcher: Dr. Jongyup Kim)
Ecosystem Investigation | Dankook University (Chief Researcher: Prof. Namchoon Kim)
Site Architectural History | Kyonggi University (Chief Researcher: Prof. Changmo Ahn)
Ecosystem Planning Consultant | Urban Ecosystem Research Foundation (Chief Researcher: Dr. Jeongin Kwak)
Water System Consultant | Korean Society of Water and Wastewater (Chief Researcher: Prof. Kyuhong Park)
LID and Renewable Energy Planning Consultant | Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology
Branding | Prof. Daniel Oh (Korea University)

Masterplan (2021-2022, project ongoing)

Design Team
Project Lead | LPSCAPE INC.
Design Lead | West 8
Architect | IROJE Architects and Planners
Landscape Architect | Hyeyoung Choi (Sungkyunkwan University)
General Engineering | DONG IL Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd.

Tree and Soil Survey | Urban Ecosystem Research Foundation (Chief Researcher: Dr. Jongyup Kim)

Composing a Cultural Destination

West Kowloon Cultural District Park, Hong Kong, CN

Creating a waterfront park to inspire, promote and encourage cultural pursuits for all.


“The Park will be a tranquil counterpoint to the intensity of urban Hong Kong, contributing an important new greening project to the heart of the city that will offer something for everyone to enjoy.”

– WKCD Design Team



A continuous waterfront promenade celebrates vistas and access to the Victoria Harbour.


Double Edge: Preparing for Sea Level Rise and adding a new layer at the waterfront.

Innovative Ecology

Placing buildings within the landscape.

West Kowloon Cultural District Authority

Dennis Lau; Ng Chun Man Architects; Engineers (Hong Kong) Ltd (DLN), ACLA (Hong Kong), Hyder Ltd., JLL

© West 8, © ACLA, © Hong Kong Tourism Board, and © ZiL ArchVisual

Where the City Is Our Landscape

Thamesmead Waterfront, London, UK

A Vision and Strategic Masterplan Framework that would realise the potential for transformation at Thamesmead Waterfront: a matrix of nature-driven ideas for the future of living.

Feel nature at your doorstep and see wildlife through your window

Living in the Landscape

Protect, enhance and connect: create a robust backbone for ecology and restored habitats.

Peabody Trust

Masterplanning | Prior + Partners
Civil Engineering, mobility, & sustainability | ARUP
Ecology | London Wildlife Trust

© West 8

Public Realm Design | Schulz + Grassov
Architecture | Alison Brooks Architects
Architecture | Marc Koehler Architects
Vision Development | The Place Bureau
Seed + Platform Projects | JA Projects
Seed + Platform Projects | Turner Works
Community Engagement | Soundings

Header illustration
JA Projects for Prior+Partners

A Surprise Pocket of Green Space

One Portal Way, Imperial College, London, UK

Transforming through topography; an adaptable, people-oriented soft green canvas within a high-density, mixed-use neighbourhood.

A strong and diverse landscape design with a layered identity and rich seasonality, articulated through 6 key character areas: the Knoll, Bowl, Woodland Grove and Pollinator Gardens, Main Court Plaza & Playscape, Meadow & Cascade.

Borrowing from the English tradition of green commons, the rolling landscape acts as a flexible green space that invites visitors to explore different parts of the site.

Imperial College London

© West 8

Pilbrow & Partners (architecture)
Space Syntax (pedestrian movement analysis)
AKT II (structural engineering)
WSP (civil + stormwater)
RWDI (wind)
Iceni Projects (planning)
Trium Environmental Consulting (environmental impact)

Disconnecting from the Daily Bustle

One Manhattan Square, New York, USA

Heightening the senses through seasonal colour changes, smells and sounds with stunning views of the Manhattan Bridge.

Overlooking the East River, In this incredible location, the sheer size and diversity of atmospheres is unparalleled. Embracing the building with a series of crafted atmospheres that residents can enjoy, One Manhattan Square’s garden spaces float across different levels to embrace and compliment the building with a series of distinctive and high quality outdoor spaces. The result is a reinterpretation of the classic garden typology, repurposed for modern needs.

A diverse series of gardens, each with their own character and theme, that lead up to the biggest rooftop garden in Manhattan.

Extell Development Company

Adamson Associates Architects

© Evan Joseph Studios and © West 8

Connecting, Repositioning & Welcoming

Zhangjiang Art Park, Pudong, Shanghai, CN

A unified art park with a consistent design catalyzes the development of Zhangjiang Science City, a hi-tech mixed-use neighbourhood in the Pudong district of Shanghai, China.

Celebrating seasonality
& inviting visitors to play and
engage with the water

Stitching the surrounding
urban fabric together

Municipality of Shanghai Pudong and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development Company

©  West 8, © Sabine Harisoy, and © Cebat

Restoring Landscape Legacy

Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania, USA

Designing and implementing a new framework for a historic space with a rich and layered existing condition, establishing Longwood Gardens as one of the greatest gardens in the world.


Creating a long-term strategy for Longwood Gardens first required a deep understanding of the rich layers of topography, hydrology, ecology, and history of the site.


The valley, the watershed,
and the landscape legacy

Within the context of the master plan, the Main Fountain Garden has become the first and most dramatic encounter in the 1,077 acres of gardens at Longwood.

Rethinking the

Billowing Boxwoods create bold graphic gestures that both separate and invite people into spaces while highlighting the geometry of the garden.



The new public spaces achieve a renaissance for the Garden while retaining its identity as recognizably “Longwood.”


Creating memories,
joy, and magic


Longwood Gardens, Inc.

Beyer Blinder Belle, Fluidity Design Consultants, L’Óbservatoire International

Urban Engineers, Landis Inc., Irrigation Consulting Inc., Keast & Hood Co., Bancroft Construction

© West 8, © Noah Devereaux

West 8’s Master Plan balances and safeguards Longwood’s historic legacy with it’s future.

Having worked for decades in historic European contexts, West 8’s master plan for Longwood Gardens successfully achieved the delicate task of marrying traditional European garden design with innovative design gestures and contemporary and sustainability systems.

West 8 approached the master planning process with two main philosophies:

First, look at the site through the lens of heritage and legacy, distilling the spirit of Pierre du Pont at Longwood Gardens. As a result, the completed plan is inspired by and rooted in the richness of tradition and was informed by the place and its unique history.

Second, and appropriate to Mr. du Pont’s engineering background, is the notion that infrastructural improvements shall be the driver for innovative landscape and architectural design. Innovation and legacy will be the drivers for the next 40 years of design, operations, and planning at Longwood Gardens.

Longwood Gardens, Inc.

Weiss/Manfredi (architecture and programming)

Fluidity Design Consultants, Sam Schwartz Traffic Engineers, Sherwood Design Engineers, Dagher Engineering, Stuart-Lynn

© West 8

© West 8, © Noah Devereaux

The Modern Orchard in a High-Tech Campus

Novartis Shanghai Campus, Shanghai, CN

Fostering creativity, reflection, communication and interchange: a procession of choreographed spaces that weave together Chinese landscape traditions, undulating topography, and seasonality.

The poetic inspiration for this campus lies in the beauty of the rural orchard, which holds a diverse array of colours, varied emotions, seasonality, textures, tastes, and smells.

Timeless and

The landscape nurtures notions of community, warmth and creativity.

The garden’s design provided a unique solution to the challenge of its position on an underground structure by creating massive raised garden beds that seamlessly integrate into the garden’s topography.


China Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research Co., Ltd. (CNIBR)

Architectural Design & Research Institute of Tongji University (Group) Co. Ltd., Ager Group

© West 8, © Jeroen Musch, © ZiL ArchVisual

Inner Garden and Outer Landscape

Chiswick Business Park, London, UK

A public garden within a major office development near central London, a central gathering space for some of the world’s leading companies.

Chiswick Park takes the form of a necklace of 12 office buildings within 33 acres of landscaped gardens. Each building faces the Park’s ‘inner garden’ with a featured two-tier lake, waterfall, decked boardwalk, pathways, events space and lush landscaping.  The ‘inner garden’ was designed as an elevated space at the centre of the site onto which the buildings face – with the ‘outer landscape’ as a pragmatic design that includes site boundaries, peripheral car parking and arterial corridors between the buildings.

Created with well-being in mind: If you enjoy work, you do better work. If you do better work, you have a better business.

79% of guests felt the physical environment at Chiswick Park benefits their work life

Stanhope Place

Richard Rogers Partnership

© West 8 and © Yuriy Akopo, © Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work

An Oasis in the City

Miami Beach Soundscape, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Miami Beach Soundscape Park is the green heart of Frank Gehry’s New World Symphony campus, a world-class destination that marries music, design, and culture.

The soft, undulating topography is visually reinforced by a white concrete mosaic of meandering pathways and provides options for informal seating through coordinated concrete ledges. Veils of palms and specimen tree plantings work together to create an intimate oasis experience by concealing and revealing views. Together, the urban oasis creates an illusion of a park much larger than its 2.5-acre envelope.

From parking lot to contemporary park, Soundscape is a cultural destination where visitors can unwind under the shade of the trees or a starlit sky.

A Performing Landscape: Supporting large events and informal gatherings while referencing and responding to South Florida’s tropical climate.

City of Miami Beach

© West 8 and © Robin Hill

Re-stitching the City

Groene Loper, Maastricht, NL

The removal of traffic and creation of new homes, restoring historic and ecological connections, and providing the city with a direct and safe connection to green space and nature.

The stacked design of the tunnel creates space for urban development on both sides of the Groene Loper. Over the next few years, over a thousand homes will be built in different phases in a wide variety, both in terms of typology and shape. The plan aims for a high-quality avenue environment inspired by Maastricht’s old canals.

The construction of the King Willem-Alexander Tunnel in Maastricht increased the value of homes within a radius of one kilometre by a combined 220 million euros. This increase in value comes on top of the general increase in house prices.


The integrated cooperation enabled the impact on the surrounding area to remain minimal during construction while seeking maximum gains for the city in the long term. For instance, excess sand was used to build a park hill and a water basin was given a second life as a pond. In doing so, The Groene Loper not only solved a major technical issue but also gave extra ‘gifts’ back to the city.

Healing the city of

With the planting of 2,000 trees and the creation of a central part for walking and cycling, this linear strip is now able to unite rather than divide.

The two entrances to the city from the tunnel are articulated with green space. These traffic intersections have been given their own topography and planted with Italian poplars to create a green arrival.

Consortium Avenue2 (Ballast Nedam, Strukton) and Projectbureau A2 (Rijkswaterstaat, Provincie Limburg, Gemeente Maastricht en Meerssen)

Ballast Nedam, Strukton, Arcadis, Humble Architecten, dGmR, in collaboration with Bex* Communication

© West 8, © Jeroen Musch, © Fred Berghmans, and © Aron Nijs

A Coherent Mélange of Environments

Parc du Moulon and Carré des Sciences, Saclay, Paris, FR

An integral part of the urban grid, the park and square connect adjacent programs, bring together families, students and workers and provide a wide variety of activities and gathering places.

Rooted in the arboreal heritage and the natural topography of the site

Etablissement Public Paris Saclay

© West 8 and © Karolina Samborska