Edzo Bindels presents at lecture series THE CITY OF HOUSING

Students of the studio “Civic Design”, Dusseldorf University of Applied Sciences, under the direction of the professors André Kempe and Oliver Thill deal with urban planning and architectural strategies for the realization of approx. 100,000 new apartments for Cologne.

Almost all major cities of Western Europe are experiencing a speedy growth in recent decades. This development is the result of radical social, demographic and economic shifts in the course of globalization. Several millions new cost-efficient urban homes have to be built. Yet, after a century of suburbanization and thinning, Europe is at the stage of urban consolidation. This development – to which many cities are unprepared – questions urban and typological concepts for a new urbanity for the 21st century. 

‘THE CITY OF HOUSING’ is a series of lectures on urban development and urban housing construction, organised by Oliver Thill and Andre Kempe (Professors 2017-2019 of CIVIC DESIGN, PBSA) together with Christina Lotzemer-Jentges (Lehrbeauftragte PBSA). In the lecture series, European protagonists present new approaches using exemplary projects. Edzo Bindels presents West 8’s precedents in housing and urban (re-)developements of the last three decades on Nov 23. It covers projects in Rotterdam, Toronto, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Madrid. Other renowned urbanists of this lecture series include Felix Claus, Susanne Elliason, Ruurd Gietema, Jonathan Woodroffe and Stefano Boeri.

More information of the lecture series can be found here.