First mile Park Pergola Máxima Park Utrecht completed

The first phase construction of a 900 meter pergola structure is completed. This 6 meter high transparent barrier surrounding the Binnenhof, which is one of the 6 important elements of the Máximapark, is currently bare, but soon it will be covered with native plants, climbers, ornamental and many other types of vegetation.

The structure of the pergola is inspired by honeycomb elements; planters and nest boxes will be placed in pergola to offer vegetation and various animals places for shelter and for nesting. These spaces have been designed in close collaboration with ecologists. In this way the pergola gives nature more space to grow and brings nature within reach of the park visitors. Besides the making of planters is a way for citizen’s participation. The idea is that local stakeholders such as residents, school classes or natural associations can help taking care of their ‘own planter which will eventually become an ecological supplement to the Binnenhof.