Green Arches in place on Groene Loper (Green Carpet) A2 Maastricht

The Groene Loper (Green Carpet) A2 Maastricht is slowly taking shape. Neighborhood residents witnessed this week the planting of ‘giant green pillars’. Six giant Hornbeams were placed at the Voltastraat – Professor Cobbenhagenstraat intersection, near the Lourdeskerk. These carefully pruned 25 years old trees, 10 meters tall, were transported from a tree nursery near Bremen, Germany to their new home. Six other ones were planted South of the roundabout at Scharnerweg.

The tall trees, which effectively are standing on top of a tunnel roof, have been secured into place with anchors onto a metal frame, significant soil improvement has taken place to ensure that these trees stand firm and their roots grow well into the soil. “I think it’s great,” Mr. Mommers, a local resident who grew up in the neighborhood said cheerfully, “We have been watching the transformation almost every day. I was born in this area, so we used to play here in the pastures in our childhood. Then came the highway A2. I am so happy that heavy traffic is gone again.

In a few years time, these green pillars will be shaped into arches that form the letter M, referring both to M of Maastricht and Mussenflat (sparrow hotel in Dutch). West 8 designed these iconic giant green gates on the Green Carpet, marking a natural link to the new landscape on top of the tunnel of A2. This landmark is also an celebration of (re-)connections which are made between neighborhoods of East and West. Previously the A2 motorway split the city Maastricht into two. 

The 12 ‘green pillars’ invite everyone to walk and bike on the Green Carpet. They are also a place where birds can safely roost. In a few years these Hornbeams will be shaped into four arches, providing a green landmark for the districts on either side. Bird species such as the Dunnock, Wren, the Robin, Jay, and Finch Greenfinch will also benefit from the ‘giant pillars’ with this height.