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Houston Botanic Garden Breaks Ground

Houston Botanic Garden has officially broken ground and we’re celebrating by sharing more about the exciting elements planned for the Edible Garden, an integral component of Phase I of the garden’s 30-year Master Plan by West 8. Nestled on the northern portion of the Garden’s property, known as the Island, because it is surrounded on three sides by the Bayou Meander, this space will showcase a cultural exhibition of edible and medicinal plants from around the globe to educate and inspire visitors of all ages.

The Edible Garden is comprised of seven “rooms,” each of which will represent different regions across the world, including Asia, the Mediterranean, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Custom stone furniture designed by West 8 will offer sweet pockets of serenedity throughout the garden.

The Terrace (Mediterranean): The Terrace will showcase “divine fruits” that have been culturally renowned as delicacies for their luxurious qualities: a grove of olives, a vibrant red poppy field, pear orchards, aromatic Mediterranean herbs — such as dillGreek oregano and rosemary — and dwarf pomegranate trees.

The Tunnel (Africa/Americas/Europe): The Tunnel will heighten visitors’ senses with its aromatic rose tunnel and various selections of edible flowers. The Tunnel will also feature plant species derived from African origins, including date palmsvibrant confetti bushes, and a seasonal display of Arabica coffee.

Children’s Kitchen (Asia/Europe/African): Deriving from various cultures, the Children’s Kitchen will be a melting pot of plant species. A sweet sugar cane wall to define the Kitchen Plaza—a flexible multi-purpose area for hosting educational workshops.

The Serenity Corner (Americas/Europe): The Serenity Corner will highlight plant species that promote wellness and healing. Medicinal herbs used in Mesoamerican culture, such as spearmint and peppermint, will be showcased along with a bed of edible flowers and a toothache tree.

The Gallery (Americas): The Gallery will be a seasonal corner that will highlight crops of historical and economic significance. Three main agricultural crops, also known as the “Three Sisters” (corn, squash, and beans), will cultivate their symbiotic relationship as they help each other thrive and grow.

Event Garden (Americas/Mediterranean): Designed to host various activations and programming events, the Event Garden will feature a sizeable tent to host educational workshop classes and a stunning pineapple guava espalier.

Respite Room (Asia/Europe): Strategically positioned around an existing grove of oaks, the Respite Room will exhibit shade-tolerant edible and medicinal plant species, including turmeric, ginger and corkscrew willows, which thrive in shady enclosures.

West 8’s Master Plan will develop the garden into a living museum that will showcase international and native plant collections, host educational classes for children and adults, and provide captivating programming that will engage visitors with the natural environment. Learn more on Houston Botanic Garden’s website.