Insula College in Leerpark Dordrecht awarded

The Insula College, a design of DKV architects and part of Leerpark Dordrecht, received an award for the way the building interacts with its surroundings. The award is part of the annual Dutch School Building Awards and was handed out by State Secretary Sharon Dijksma.

“The jury was inspired by the ambitious didactic and urban design principles that underlie the Leerpark, by which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (…) It is a wonderful experiment that really works for the city and the region (…) One can really see the persuasion with which they build this beautiful building for a special group of students in an exciting environment.”

For more information:
Developer: Heijmans Bouw / Proper Stok
Client: Leerpark Dordrecht / Insula College
Architect: DKV architects
Urban design: West 8 (