Kazerne Kwartier gets green light by Venlo municipality

On the 29th of January the city council of Venlo voted almost unanimously in favour of West 8’s new vision for the Kazernekwartier (Kazerne Quarter) in Venlo, the Netherlands.

West 8 was commissioned by the Municipality of Venlo to create a new design vision for a historical fortress and military base (the Frederik Hendrik Kazerne).

Spanning 10 years in a series of phases, the multi-million euro investment will create a new heighbourhood, include 200 to 300 homes, a park along the Maas and a bicycle and pedestrian promenade on the railway bridge. Preserving and celebrating the historical heritage of the unique location, the vision allows the former military buildings, Roman road and Fort Sint Michiel to be enjoyed by the community and visitors alike.

The development plan for the 22-hectare (54-acre) site will join the two districts currently seperated by the River Mass by extending the existing bike path and turning a large piece of inaccessable land into a lively mixed-use historical district. This will offer new opportunities for the community of Venlo to live, work and play.