King Winter has arrived at the Maximapark

Ice appears and the Dutch are caught by the ice-skating fever. In Utrecht, the Máximapark (formerly Leidsche Rijn Park), a project by West 8, is used to its full potential. With the Lelievijver (Lely pond) and the Vikingrijn frozen, adults and children come out to enjoy the winter landscape. People are skating and enjoying the snow in the park. Many children can be found gliding from the bridges on toboggans, and sitting warm and comfy in a sled being pulled by their skating father.

The atmosphere of traditional Dutch ice-skating experience is further truly expressed near the Teahouse with a Koek-en-Zopie stand. Not only do their drinks keep people warm in the cold weather but it provides a place of social engagement. Further, the spectators not daring to go on the ice can thus enjoy the scenery.

Moreover, the Lelievijver provides not only children but also marathon skaters a good practice area. It’s unfortunate that the Vikingrijn has not been fully dug yet, but it will definitely provide a great area for those hoping to skate the Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Tour in Friesland – 200km) to practice in the future.

Nevertheless, in honour of the Elfstedentocht-fever, de Vrienden van Maximapark, together with some other local community groups, have initiated the Kinderelfstedentocht (Elfstedentocht for Children) which will be held this Saturday. This tour is about 2-2.5km long and allows children to have their own tour. For further information, please refer to their website. Such great community initiative allows the passant to truly feel, and experience all that the park has to offer.