KWR’s new building and garden opened by Minister Schultz

On Friday, September 18th Minister of Infrastructure and Environment, Melanie Schultz van Haegen opened the new residence of the KWR Watercycle Research Institute in Nieuwegein. Minister Schultz commented that the opening of KWR’s new complex is indicative of the important growth in this sector and “physically represents a desire to be more efficient, sustainable and innovative.” West 8’s design for the Institute’s Garden connects the new open and transparent office building designed by Cepezed to its surroundings.

The KWR is known for its outstanding research in the water sector and its invaluable contributions to society. The new KWR complex fufills the strong sustainability ambitions of the organization. The laboratory spaces for chemical and mircrobiological research are made completely out of glass, colleagues and visitors can openly observe the specialized work that is going on inside. From their new workplaces researchers, can also look upon the new ecological garden by West 8. Although full planting of the garden will take place over the winter season, by spring next year the grounds will be lush and verdant. 

West 8’s design consists of a Mondrianesque composition of lines and spaces, and a carefully designed planting palette of wild flowers, that provide pollen in abundance for local bee populations. The selection of local flora also provides an attractive habitat for some species of pheasant and rabbit.

Several elements of the garden design will be realized after the official opening, such as the undulating stainless steel fence that alludes to the water research done inside the building. The reference to water is also continued inside the building itself, where the water being tested is recycled via channels in the hallways into the exterior lily pond.