West 8 to speak at Airport City Lecture Series: Masters of Airport City, at Schiphol

Schiphol is an international example of architecture and design, famous for its Airport City model, master plan and the integrated approach to architecture, signage and landscaping.West 8 has been engaged as the project landscape architect at Schiphol since 1992 and has been responsible for several landscape development projects at the Airport, including public realm strategy development, advice on ecological issues and the implementation of new sustainability concepts into landscape design and business concepts.

The lecture is intended to help interested parties, students, architects, urban designers, planners, economists and anyone who wants to know about the airport understand the complex processes involved in creating a place used by millions of passengers, commuters and visitors.

It is the last of a series of four lecture sessions which explore the design and commercial functioning of Schiphol Airport as well as its relationship with and connection to its rural and metropolitan contexts.

The session will run from 3.00-5.00pm on Friday the 29th of November in Schiphol Group Auditorium, Evert van de Beekstraat 202. It includes talks by Jan Benthem of Benthem Crouwel Architects (project architect) and Rijk Boerma, partner at Mijksenaar (way-finding and signage consultants).

Entry is free however, registration is required if you wish to attend this, or any one of the other lecture sessions. To register email info@podiumarchitectuur.nl

For more information visit: Lezingenreeks Airport City