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Mayor Bloomberg Announces Completion of First Phase of New Governors Island Park Designed by West 8

On Thursday 14 Nov, 2013, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg planted the final tree of the new 30-acre park designed by West 8, marking the completion of the first phase of park on Governors Island. West 8 was selected in May 2007 after an international design competition.

“At the beginning of our Administration, Governors Island was little more than an abandoned and neglected green space with derelict buildings,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Twelve years later, Governors Island has become a major attraction for New Yorkers and visitors, as its 172 acres continue to grow more dynamic, more resilient and more beautiful each day. Today marks another important step forward for the Island, and the 800,000th tree of our MillionTreesNYC program could not have a better home, where it will be part of this spectacular new park that will open next spring.”

The new 30 acres of park include Liggett Terrace, a sunny, six-acre plaza with seasonal plantings, seating, water features and public art; Hammock Grove, a ten-acre forested space that is home to 1,500 new trees, play areas and 50 hammocks; and the Play Lawn, 14 acres for play and relaxation that includes two natural turf ball fields sized for adult softball and Little League baseball. In addition, new welcome areas have been added at the Island’s ferry landings, as have key visitor amenities, including lighting, seating and signage throughout the Historic District. The Island and the new park spaces will open to the public in May of 2014.

Thursday morning’s tree planting ceremony drew a crowd of over 300 visitors, many of whom played a role in bringing the new park to life. After the ceremony, visitors were invited to explore the new park spaces and enjoy the brisk yet sunny November morning on Governors Island.

This past July, Mayor Bloomberg broke ground on The Hills, an additional 10 acres that are the culminating feature of the new Governors Island Park. Made of recycled construction and fill materials, The Hills will rise 25 to 80 feet above the Island, and the summit of the tallest Hill will provide visitors with a 360-degree panorama of the Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor and the Lower Manhattan skyline. The Hills are currently under construction with the goal of completion in 2015.

The full Governors Island Park and Public Space Master Plan is available at

See here the link below images of the new park provided by the Trust For Governors Island:

紐約市長彭博宣布由 West 8 設計新總督島公園第一階段之完成

上週四 2013年11月14日,紐約市市長彭博種 植最終一棵樹,這標誌著於2007年5月被選為國際設計競賽第一名的 West 8在 總統島設計新的公園的第一階段30英畝公園已完成。

彭博市長說: 『我們剛開始的時侯,總督島不是過是一個被遺棄和被忽視的,存在著廢棄建築物的綠色空間。12年後,總督島已經成為紐約市民和遊客的一大亮點, 172英畝繼續增長,更有活力,更有彈性,每一天都變得更美好的。今天是此島另一個重要一步, 此處成為我們的 MillionTrees NYC 紐約市 800,000 棵樹種 植計劃之一部分,這將是令此明年作公眾開放的新公園更壯觀。』

週四上午的植樹儀式吸引了超過300人次之嘉賓,嘉賓中許多人是新的公園的建設起到了一定作用的人物。儀式結束後,遊客們被邀請去探索新公園和享受 總統島11月陽光明媚的早晨。

按計劃於11月完成公園的第一階段的建設包括吊床樹叢,草坪和利格特台的建設。第二階段工程總督島山丘,將上升到地面20-80英尺以上,提供壯紐約港的自由女神像景緻景色,並在 2015 年向公眾開放。加上在去年宣布的國家歷史區30畝綠地,總督島公園得到了另外10英畝的公園空間的擴大,將預計於 2015 年完成及對外開放。
關於總統島公園的完整資訊請參閱 及