Miami Beach Convention Center Park Breaks Ground

The official groundbreaking ceremony for Miami Beach Convention Center Park was celebrated on May 3rd. The new 5.8-acre park, designed by West 8, aims to open to the public in time to host the acclaimed Art Basel Miami this December.

The existing parking lot will be transformed into a new world-class public park complete with geometric paths for pedestrians and cyclists alike, five hundred trees, a flexible lawn area, custom concrete benches, and modern art installations. A vibrant plant palette, from slender Montgomery Palms to bright Flame Trees, showcases the unique flora and botany of Miami Beach. The visually intriguing lawn will be framed by dense shade gardens; creating a captivating backdrop for outdoor events.

An impressive collection of modern art pieces will adorn the completed Convention Center grounds. As the centerpiece of the new park, Bent Pool, a striking public art installation by international artists Elmgreen & Dragset, confronts conventional sculptural traditions by turning a swimming pool into a monumental arch. A Veteran’s Memorial is seamlessly woven into the park experience telling the unique story of Miami Beach’s Veterans.

The park is part of West 8’s vision for a renewed 40-acre Convention Center District, which dramatically transforms the day-to-day experience for residents and convention attendees and contributes to Miami’s expanding art and design culture. At completion, a total of twelve acres of new public space, featuring Convention Center Park, 21st Street Park, Collins Canal Park and pedestrian-friendly Streetscapes on Washington Avenue and Convention Center Drive, will complete the $620-million-dollar Convention Center renovation by Fentress Architects, creating a “green civic heart” and re-stitching the convention center its surrounding environment.