New Holland Island in de Volkskrant!

Over the Summer, Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant is featuring a series of articles entitled ‘de Ontmoetingsplek’ or, ‘The Meeting Place’. This weekend, New Holland Island was featured, with first-hand accounts from occupants sharing their favourite aspects of the park design – from the grass and the artificial beach to the open-air theatre and herb gardens.

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Nieuw Holland is hun favoriete plek om te ontspannen, en dat komt niet alleen door de culturele faciliteiten. Vlad vindt het mooi dat je hier zomaar een strandstoel mag pakken en kunt neerzetten waar je maar wilt, zelfs op het grasveld.

About the project
West 8 has been working since 2014 with the New Holland: cultural urbanization project team on the transformation of the island into a cultural district with an ambient public realm. As one of Saint Petersburg’s most important and iconic historical monuments, New Holland Island was founded in 1719 by Peter the Great and the artificial triangular island has witnessed each of the city’s major milestones. Today, the island houses a multitude of activities from offices, restaurants, retail and a vibrant cultural programme. An ongoing transformation, the latest phase, around Warehouse 12, opened to the public last year.

More information: New Holland Island