New Oirschot bridge sees monumental timber truss installed

This weekend a monumental addition was installed to the construction of the bridge over Oirschot’s Wilhelmina Canal in the Netherlands.

Conceived by West 8, the elegant and simple truss is ground-breaking in its use of wood as a primary material to span the 40 meter clearing. The bridge is a pinnacle landmark for the Green Corridor, a 13 km long recreational route through National Landscape Groene Woud. The Corridor links Eindhoven with the historical centre of Oirschot, a town in the South of the Netherlands.

Connecting visitors directly to the town square and matching the woodland character of the surroundings, the bridge is transparent, compact in form and with an Azobé wood span.

The design process involved several feedback meetings with the participation of local residents. Great attention was paid to ensure the suitability of the bridge’s aesthetical presence in both the natural landscape and the surrounding heritage buildings. The final design and construction of the bridge was led by Ballast Nedam, who worked with West 8, wUrck and the Municipality of Oirschot to realize the project.

In addition to the bridge, this section of the Green Corridor includes a 580 meter long development along the south side of the canal, making the waterfront accessible for the first time, and the preservation of the northern ecological zone. Together, the development will result in an attractive entrance to the city centre and allow the people of Oirschot to connect with their natural surroundings.

Client: Gemeente Oirschot
Construction: Ballast Nedam

Design: West 8, wUrck
Wood specialist: Wijma Kampen
Steel specialist: Nauta Heeg
Engineering: Wagemaker


Photography ©  West 8 and Jeroen Musch