New phase of New Holland delivered

A new part of New Holland Island in St. Petersburg is open to the public. The lush ‘Garden Walk’, created by West 8 together with Linda Bird, wraps around the newly renovated monument House 12. This phase included the planting of 119 shadbushes, 26 apple trees, and a variety of shrubs and perennial plants that includes hydrangeas, mountain ash, willows, astilba and more. It gives visitors the chance to see the city from a new perspective from the Kryukov Canal. The building itself will soon be home to a variety of functions.

New Holland Island Cultural Urbanization
Established as a shipyard by Peter the Great in 1719, the renovation of New Holland Island restores and repositions the island’s role within in the city of Saint Petersburg. Together with the New Holland: cultural urbanization project team, West 8 envisioned the new master plan and landscaping of the former navy facility. Today, the island houses a multitude of activities from offices, restaurants, retail and a vibrant cultural programme.