West 8 NY Leadership Attends Drexel Square Tree Planting

The Leadership of West 8 New York attended the first of four spectacular tree planting sessions at Drexel Square under the stewardship of Brandywine Realty Trust. Drexel Square, an elliptical park square which replaces what once was a parking lot between the Bulletin Building and 30th Street Station, will feature thirty towering 25-foot Dawn Redwood trees. The mature Redwoods were delivered on large trucks from Garden State Nursery in New Jersey.

The square (opening in 2019) will be the green entrance to Drexel University’s lively new innovation hub. Drexel Square, a welcoming public space, was selected over high-end real estate as the first built project of the Masterplan to give back to the community and to celebrate the heritage and legacy of the site. The new public space is centered on community interaction; a space that encourages walking, meeting, sharing experiences, collaborating and engaging.