Noorderpark’s new entrance construction update

The Noorderpark is in full development as a city park for all residents of Amsterdam. In conjunction with the newly completed metro Noord/Zuidlijn (North-South metro line) of Amsterdam in July 2018, West 8 designs a new entrance for the municipality North Amsterdam as part of the enhancement of our Noorderpark design. This entrance is on the side of the viaduct on the Johan van Hasseltweg opposite the second metro station, which is called ‘Noorderpark’.

With this new entrance, users coming from the Noorderpark station will have a flawless access to the park and the event terrain that is located in the middle of the Noorderpark. The layout of the new entrance connects to the two existing entrances, at the roundabout Waddenweg / Meeuwenlaan and at the entrance to the Noorderparkbad. 

The entrance consists of a slightly sloping path which is separated from the adjacent entrance and exit of the Nieuwe Leeuwarderweg with a row of trees and a hedge which diverts towards the water. It is clearly visible from the front of the new metro station and there is a meeting point where people can meet, with a nice view over the canal and the park. There is a platform marked with Noorderpark’s iconic logo ivy leaves for pedestrians and cyclists. The path will be well lit with West 8’s fixtures especially designed for Noorderpark. 

The construction started to commence in March 2018 that includes the installation of sheet piling for the platform, the extension and asphalting of a few footpaths and cycle paths, and new soil is being installed next to the slope. The work is expected to last until mid October 2018.

After winning the competition in 2003 West 8 has been working on the design of Noorderpark since then. Different parts of the park and several viaducts have been delivered in phases. Here you can find information of the previously completed Noorderpark Bridge in 2017 (or the official website of Noorderpark here, in Dutch).