Official opening Japanese Garden, Máximapark – 16th of May

Coming Wednesday, the 16th of May, the Japanese Garden in Máximapark is set to open to the public. The Japanese garden has been designed by West 8 and is located in Binnenhof East near the event area and across Parkrestaurant Anafora. From 2 till 4pm an official opening will take place and from 2.30pm onwards children have the opportunity to engage in a fun and educative programme by the ecological department, while the rest is taken on a tour through the garden by Joop Spaans, the facility manager of Máximapark.

The garden has been planted with a remarkable collection of eastern trees, shrubs and plants such as the rhododendrons and Maidenhair trees (Ginkgo biloba). Also, about 350-400 Siberian Irises (Iris sibirica) and 25-30 Waterlilies (Nymphaea hybriden) were planted on the 14th of April. To encourage community participation, the Friends of Máximapark invited young and old to help out. The garden was further decorated with a large quantity of Rabbit-Ear Iris (Iris laevigata), a typical Japanese flower.

Not only the Japanese Garden was taken on, but Waterlilies were also planted in the lily pond, thus restoring the eco habitat of the pond. As the lily bridge (Leliebrug) opened to the public beginning April, spectators will have a splendid view over the pond when the lilies open up.

Once the flowers blossom, the garden is to provide a vivacious surrounding to the spectator. Hidden between the Vikingrijn and the event area, the Japanese Garden will be an oasis of rest and an escape into an Oriental world.