Old fashioned sceneries brought to life in Vathorst!

The paintings of the old Masters have been brought back to life. As soon as water freezes over in Holland, the Dutch go into a frenzy. They will use every opportunity to enjoy the ice. Young and old celebrate the low temperatures and go outside to skate on the frozen waterways. Here in Vathorst, a project by West 8, people are obviously enjoying the winter weather.

The contemporary Canal City, as Vathorst is called, has been designed following the tradition of the old Dutch city planning. The houses abutting the canals with alternating architectural designs, are a contemporary version of the old Dutch canal houses.

Here we see the locals go out on the ice from their jetties and private backyard quays. It truly is reminiscent of the ‘golden days’ whilst surrounding areas provide a contemporary context, allowing Vathorst to be an active water city, even in the midst of winter.