Open Day at Rotterdam Central Station

Saturday the 14th of July, tourists and locals have the opportunity to join a tour at Rotterdam Central Station introducing the remarkable building techniques, the architecture and the construction of Rotterdam Central. Every second Saturday of the month, the construction site opens its doors to the public showcasing the large-scale, ongoing transformation into a world class station.

The construction activities at and underneath the platform are currently in an advanced stage. Soon the steel construction will be cladded and the traveller’s passage is set to re-open in autumn 2012 to the public. Nonetheless, still a lot of work has to be moved. The construction workers are hard at work to build an underground bicycle stand and a five-layer underground parking garage with exits at both Weena tunnel and Schouwburgplein. The space above the bicycle park will turn into a big public square and the area above parking garage transforms into a green oasis leading into the city centre.  The pavement existing of red-flamed granite, Multicolour Red China, allows the visitor to enter the city on a red carpet.

Rotterdam Central Station is a key stop of the Eurostar to London and the Thalys to Paris and will be the first Dutch station equal to Paris Chales de Gaulle, Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Antwerp, Barcelona and Liége. The ongoing transformation while in use by the travellers and commuters make it an extraordinary project.

To learn more about Rotterdam Central, you can join the tour. For more information regarding admission, please see