Opening Exhibition ‘Coolsingel, an ode to the heart of Rotterdam’

November 4, 2017 was the grand opening of the exhibition ‘Coolsingel’ at Museum Rotterdam.

The history of our city is reflected in this street’s transformations over the centuries: from a medieval city canal, to urban artery, to futuristic city lounge of an emerging metropolitan. Coolsingel is Rotterdam city’s vein. It has always been the place where Rotterdamers come to shroll, to mourn, to celebrate, to party, to shop or even to protest or demonstrate.

In the next three years Coolsigel will go through a metamorphosis. West 8 designed the new Coolsingel, preparing it to become a real urban boulevard with lots of green where locals can stroll and shop. The Museum Rotterdam organized an exhibition to present the stories of Coolsingel’s centuries of changes. It is an ode to this vibrant heart of Rotterdam. 

The exhibition is composed around a timeline, and offers an impressive cinematic experience. Stories about historical objects shed light on key themes, and of course the legendary tales of Rotterdam itself and the design of future Coolsingel by West 8.

When: 4 November 2017 – 8 April 2018
Where: Museum Rotterdam, Rodezand 26
Price: Adult: 7,50 euro; children from 4 to 17: 2,50 euro and children up to 4 have free entry

Please visit the webpage of the exhibition here for more information