Opening Kai-park at Vathorst

The Kai Park at the Vinex-location Vathorst in Amersfoort was officially opened by mayor van Vliet-Kuiper on the 28th of May.

West 8 designed the two hectare park as a green oasis, inspired by the famous Japanese artist Ando Hiroshige. Hiroshige is famous for his etchings prints about the daily life, urban scenes, landscapes and nature of old Japan. The three park bridges have details, inspired by the bridges in his paintings.

From under the wing nuts you experience a view with elegant low-hanging branches as foreground. The seating areas with azaleas, cherries and art objects are also a tribute to the Japan of the Edo- period. The art objects were designed by Alexandra Kolackova from Liberec, the partner city of Amersfoort.