Holland Green Residential Development & British Design Museum (Former Commonwealth Institute Site)
2008-2016, London, UK

West 8 is privileged to have the opportunity to work on the site of the former Commonwealth Institute. The development consists of an enabling development of residential buildings, which allows for the renovations to the Grade 2 Heritage listed Parabola Building which becomes the new home of the British Design Museum.

The enabling works include the construction of three top-end residential buildings which are placed in the existing landscape context which in turn is heritage listed as the original landscape design was inspired by Dame Sylvia Crowe.

West 8’s landscape proposals, combined with the building architecture of both the historic Institute and the proposed new dwellings, have been part of an intricate integral design process. Consultation, which formed a crucial part of this process included two key components.

Key design considerations are the paradox of public access, required for the exposure of the museum, and the desired seclusion of the luxury apartments. Also the integration of regular deliveries by large vehicles (for the museum) and the ongoing footfall and museum visitation, all of which demanded a very well considered access strategy.

The retention of historically important trees and the sensitive context of adjacent Holland Park were to be combined with extensive site works, necessary for the construction of underground car parking and facilities.

The construction of the buildings and the refurbishment of the Parabola building were completed in November 2016.

224 KHS Developments Ltd, (Chelsfield)
OMA, John Pawson & Allies and Morrison 
Adriaan Geuze, Maarten Buijs, Ela Chojecka, Jelle Therry, Marco Garcia, Matthew Skjonsberg, Perry Maas, Rikus Beekman