Berlin Playgrounds

Tegel, DE

The Tegel Airport in Berlin will be closed down in 2011. The future abandoned area forms a strategic element in the future urban development of Berlin, due to its location and size, and requires special attention and care. The aim of the workshop held in Berlin on June 30th 2009, was to obtain a range of suggestions for the necessary changes in land use, taking into account the element of sustainability and the subsequent possible lines of development. A next step will be a more elaborate vision on the urban planning and architectural aspects.

West 8 proposed the elements of “leisure, event and sports” for creating different zones, in order to achieve long-term development. Uses such as recreation, sports and events complement the existing character of the regional green space very well. The range of possible uses goes from informal leisure and recreational activities such as hiking, biking, jogging, horseback riding and swimming to professionally organized events such as Mega Olympics, EXPO, world championships and festivals.

The open character of the grassland surrounding the runways is to be preserved as the landscape image for both its natural dimension, as well as its ecological importance for the surrounding Magerrasenwiesen. At the same time the sealed area surrounding the distinctive hexagonal terminal building, with its high-quality access to the motorway, forms an excellent starting point for spectacular architectural developments.

The ideas of West 8 were inspired by the “green heart-model” of the Dutch Randstad.


Senatsverwaltung fur Stadtentwicklung