Cape Grace, Monaco

Monte Carlo, MC

the proposed extension of Monaco into the sea by Monte Carlo Sea Land sets a new standard for such developments at a world scale. The extension of Cape Grace is intricately interwoven with the existing city fabric. The proposed project will create a new integrated whole for Monaco with an urbanism that is respectful of the old while creating a new image and set of opportunities for Monaco’s future. This urban fabric is fully informed by the Principality’s existing urban texture, one which has evolved over centuries of organic growth, and injects a new sense of optimism with a new light and energy. The public realm comprised of parks, plazas, promenades and bicycle paths is an expansion of the landscape which together with new cultural, residential and commercial facilities significantly enhances Monaco’s urban experience. Cape Grace is a comprehensive proposal which successfully incorporates all the functional and technical objectives of the Principality and will become the model for such an extensive development demonstrating the utmost sensitivity towards its history, culture and the built and natural environments

For more than two thousand years successive groups have identified the naturally blessed geography and climate of La Rocher and Port Hercule as an ideal place to live and establish a future. The principal objective of the Cape Grace extension is not only to enhance its beauty but to reverse the recent effects of an increased demand on energy, taxation of our natural resources and the impact of our built environment. With this project, the Principality of Monaco has the opportunity to construct for its people and visitors from the world at large an ideal living environment that is socially, culturally and economically responsible and most importantly one that is environmentally sustainable; Monaco will continue to be the envy of the world.

The development’s focus towards the sea is a reflection and an extension of the Monegasque culture. The plan opens the water’s edge to the public, significantly enhancing the city’s visual and physical connection to the sea. The waterside is reserved as a series of public spaces offering a plethora of leisure activities.

Green spaces, both public and private are an essential part of this development making the project liveable and accessible to all. Shade trees fill the open spaces and line the streets. The majority of buildings have green roofs extending Monaco’s landscaped gardens into the sea. Balconies and terraces will also be integrated with plantings to enhance the living conditions and promote the image of the garden city. These gardens will echo the beautifully manicured gardens of Monaco and become part of the character of the entire development. From the higher vantage points in the city, Cape Grace will be perceived as a continuous green landscape; a city of gardens extending into the sea.


Monte Carlo Sealand