The character of the city centre of Lelystad has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. The centre will be clearly defined by a ‘green ribbon’ of proud trees. A large extension of shops, leisure, horeca, offices and houses will make the central area into a lively city centre.

Lelystad was built in the late 1960’s and inherited the ideals of modernist urban planning. Public spaces at the first level will be removed to create more sunlight in the streets. The city centre will get the appearance of an historically grown city; compact and lively. With the addition of streets, alleys and squares a dense tissue of public spaces will be created with a carefree shopping-circuit.

The project will go hand in hand with the redesign of the public space. The concept for the pavement is simple; to create the feeling of a homogenous city centre. The whole area will be layered with one type of brick pavement. Within this new carpet 4 public spaces will stand out: the City Hall square with terraces, the market square with the market, a new theatre, congress and shopping facilities. There is also a green ribbon around the city centre with a inner-city ring-road and pedestrian routes.

For more info please see also Lelystad CIty Centre homepage (in Dutch).