Country Estate New Rhijngeest

Oegstgeest, NL

Country estate “ New Rhijngeest” is the geometrical centre of the new office and residential area in Oegstgeest and connects the new urban quarter in the north to the university area in the south.

The park has an “open” character as it has multiple connections to the existing road structure and therefore can be easily accessed. Regional cycle- and footpaths cross the park, allowing visitors to experience a green and lush oasis that is typical for Oegstgeest.

In the core of the park, you can take a stroll at the romantic hedge garden, play at the children’s area, relax at the café and picnic in the vast grassland. The green oasis is surrounded by waterways that are connected to the river Oude Rijn. The nature-friendly shores attract all kinds of fish, birds, insects and unique types of plants and enrich the natural diversity of the area. The existing woods, solitary groups of trees and the remains of old park lanes are transformed into an estate-like decor for the surrounding new development.



City of Oegstgeest, Project development New-Rhijngeest