Courtyard of Parkvillas (Mulberry fences)

Chassé-terrein, Breda, NL

The courtyard of the Parkvilla’s is part of the residential campus Chassé-terrein. It consists of a configuration of diagonal planted Mulberry (Morus nigra) within a flowery green field, framed by a broad kerb. The Mulberry have sweet, edible fruits and attract butterflies. To give the trees their unique sculptural form, they are supported by cast iron supports and specially trimmed. Their branches are bended and secured with steel cables.

The two double gates on both sides of the garden and the surrounding fences all have an abstract pattern of Mulberry fruit. The two fences are 23 m long and each have 16 screens that are attached between steel T-shaped supports. The 2.60 m high screens are made of 5 mm CorTenstaal. The Mulberry pattern has been laser cutted out of the screens. They all have the same pattern, but are placed in four different ways (original, rotated, mirrored and mirrored-rotated) which gives it a nonrepetitive image. The rust color of the fences is in beautiful contrast with the glazed blue facing brick of the building.

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Chassé cv (Proper Stok Woningbouw & AM wonen)