Floriade Groningen 2012

Groningen, NL

Located close to the historical centre of Groningen, the heart of Floriade 2022 will be embedded in the warmth and joy of this city. The area surrounding the former sugar factory will be the main stage for this event.  What would be more beautiful than to use the historic riches of this area?

West 8 is set to transform the precinct and integrate the industrial heritage into the heart of the Floriade, allowing it to become a showcase of agriculture in the future.

The sugar factory area blends in with the rest of the city. Existing facilities are proposed to be efficiently incorporated into the Floriade and to become part of the festival.  The beautiful churches, lovely squares, good restaurants, hidden gardens and the remarkable building at the Groninger Forum will serve as pavilions at the Floriade.  Floriade 2022 will become a Floriade of a human scale, a festival both dynamic and adventurous.  The event will appeal to a wide audience of all ages which will be able to move freely through the city and create their own programme.


Gemeente Groningen