Located on the western outskirts of the city of München, Freiham North is underway to becoming an attractive new residential district for 20.000 people in the year 2040.

West 8’s winning urban design creates an urban district based on a strong ecological framework. The master plan is composed of a number of neighborhoods with different atmospheres, seamlessly integrated into the urban and natural context. With a wide range of housing typologies, the district will accommodate the needs and lifestyles of households of different ages and sizes.

The area features a robust structure of urban green spaces, ranging from alleys to boulevards, parks, and squares. The broad spectrum of public and private green spaces throughout the district offers a varied program.  The design identifies two district centers, a neighborhood square, village common, central green axis, green belt, and the generous open spaces within the Sports Park and Educational Campus.

West 8 also created landscape designs for specific housing-related functions such as community gardens, daycare playgrounds, and neighbourhood meeting points.

Two suburban train stations, several buses, and a tram to the city center, ensure the new district is well connected to Munich’s public transport network and the adjacent suburbs of Aubing and Neuaubing. Fast and comfortable connections between living, working, and recreation will ensure a high standard of living.

The new district is named after the Freiham Estate, a place first mentioned in the 12th Century, which remains an icon of contemporary Bavarian life. The cultural heritage of the Freiham Estate has become assimilated into Freiham North’s revitalized ecological framework.

For more information visit the Freiham website or download Freiham App, designed and developed by West 8 with Pieter Hoen.